Management Strategies Group

True to the spirit of innovation, our firm provides you access to our carefully selected team of management consultants. The synergy created between the legal staff and the consulting branch provides you with a truly unique blending of skills and talents that benefit our clients in many ways. We’ve designed this consulting group with your needs in mind, recognizing that you don’t always need a lawyer to help problem-solve or make better management decisions. Managing public and non-profit agencies is complex and our consultants can provide you with a pragmatic 360-degree viewpoint, along with practical and effective solutions.  As change-agents, our experts can also be there to help you through the implementation phases. We’ve walked in your shoes. We understand your world.


Strategizing, negotiating and administering labor agreements continues to be a challenge for public and non-profit organizations. Labor costs represent the largest portion of agency budgets. The firm offers the strongest labor relations team in the state with a unique team of lawyers and non-attorney consultants, in order to be responsive to the unique needs and requests of our clients. All of our consultants that practice in this area previously held leadership positions in labor relations and human resources for public agencies. They are seasoned negotiators that can add a “big picture” perspective on strategy, as a human resources and management partner.

We have a highly-seasoned team of consultants that can help your organization with all things related to human resources management. Whether it is a complete independent assessment of your human resources practices or simply rewriting and updating your personnel policies, reviewing and updating your performance management program, redesigning your classification and compensation system, interacting with your civil service commission or training in particular areas such as sexual harassment. We have an experienced bench that can analyze and help address tough issues in a thoughtful and effective manner.

Understanding, measuring and managing the cost of risk in your agency are critical tasks that often times fall under the radar. Yet, depending upon the size of your agency and risk exposures, it can be the reason you are tying up millions of dollars that could otherwise go towards paying for other competing priorities, such as retirement benefit costs. We can provide risk assessments, help you tune up or even create a new professional risk management program, troubleshoot high liability areas, and almost always save you money.

Our firm believes that no task is too difficult to take on if it can improve the performance of your organization. City and county managers and chief executives have a difficult job and can sometimes use a partner to troubleshoot,  strategize and possibly implement a high-stakes difficult transition, assess the entire or parts of your organization, or simply help with some “heavy lifting” in a particularly difficult area. We have helped agency leaders deal with intransigent issues including avoiding potential bankruptcy filings, settlement of large court orders or claims, address difficult reorganizations, financial transformations, strategic planning, goal setting and creating new high-performing organizational cultures.

We have a team of seasoned police and fire chiefs that can partner with the city manager and/or the chief on all matters related to public safety services. This can include a top-down organizational assessment, evaluating certain aspects such as “use of force” policies and practices, staffing and station location strategies for fire suppression, training and development programs, strategic planning, service sharing, general advice or coaching to senior public safety management, etc.

In order to contain or reduce costs, more public agencies are seeking out partnerships with other agencies through JPAs to provide services. This is a governance and service delivery method that requires a unique managerial acumen to be successful given the plethora of stakeholders. The most common use of JPAs is the staffing and operation of 911 Centers. We can provide trouble shooting and assessments or help you create new JPA partnerships generally and 911 centers specifically. Our efforts can be backed up with our lawyers that have extensive JPA experience.

The fiscal sustainability of your organization is an ongoing challenge, especially for public agencies and their retirement costs. Many agencies are seeking voter approval for new or continuing taxes. We have experienced consultants that can help in all aspects of financial management including strategizing and seeking approval for unique new tax measures.