Your Agency’s Culture: Are You Managing And Determining It, Or Is Someone Determining It For You?

Managing Consultant Bob Deis does a deep dive on agency culture in this punchy CALPELRA* Sparks Session! There is increasing awareness of and attention to organizational cultures and how those cultures impact an agency’s performance. Bob has real examples of unhealthy cultures and their negative outcomes.

Pre-Disciplinary Process: Basics For Skelly

In their command performance recorded for the 2020 CalPELRA conference, Jeff Sloan and plaintiffs’ lawyer extraordinaire Alison Berry Wilkinson engaged in a fast-paced, fun, and (relatively) collegial back-and-forth covering all the steps of the Skelly process that permanent public employees are entitled to before the employer decides to implement serious discipline.

Death By A Thousand Meetings: Bankruptcy, Chapter 9, And Vested Rights In The Age Of COVID-19

This innovative session from the 2020 CALPELRA* conference walks you through the technical aspects of the bankruptcy and fiscal emergency processes as well as other insolvencies, including recent pension litigation. You’ll learn about the limitations of the process and how bankruptcy, or the threat of it, can fit into policy makers’ planning.