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Last month, Partner Dania Torres Wong appeared in a webinar hosted by GovInvest. It focused on what’s new in 2022 for developing costing strategies that respond to the emerging issues regarding labor and employment negotiations. Those issues include the rapidly rising U.S. labor costs, the public sector worker shortage, the implications of vaccine mandates, and things to consider regarding remote employees. It concluded with “Back to the Basics” principles of public sector labor costing: why costing is important, the need for a centralized workspace, and the data requirements.

The key takeaways for watchers will be:
•    An understanding of what’s new in 2022 resulting from the impacts of COVID-19
•    Insight into the legal and practical issues of labor costing
•    How to assess the efficiency of your current labor costing tools

Those with questions about the webinar and its content should contact Partner Dania Torres Wong.