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Managing Partner Tim Yeung will be participating in a CALPELRA-hosted webinar on how to approach the bargaining process in these unprecedented and fiscally uncertain times.

Potential public sector negotiators will learn:

  • How to initiate the bargaining process to allow timely implementation of cost-saving and other needed changes.
  • Strategies for bringing the union to the table when you are faced with closed contracts.
  • When changed circumstances justify changing prior bargaining proposals.
  • How to deal with union delays and dilatory tactics.
  • Which changes must be bargained, including the difference between bargaining the effects and bargaining the decision.
  • What constitutes legal “hard bargaining,” and when it is effective and appropriate.
  • Why you must plan for impasse and unilateral adoption when you initiate bargaining.
  • How to determine when you are legally at impasse, how to effectively manage the impasse process.
  • How to use the statutory factfinding timelines to avoid unnecessarily prolonging the impasse process.
  • How to prepare, structure, and implement the last, best, and final offer.

The webinar is scheduled for June 29th from 10 AM to noon; please register here. Joining Tim will be Janet Cory Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of CALPELRA, and Jonathan Holtzman, Partner at the Renne Public Law Group.