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This morning the United States Supreme Court issued the long-anticipated decision in Janus v. American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees. As anticipated, the decision overrules Abood v Detroit Bd. Of Ed. and concludes that agency or fair share fee arrangements are unlawful.

We are working on a full analysis of the case and will be issuing an e-alert with that analysis later today. For those of you who just can’t wait, click on the link above.

Over the past few months, our attorneys have worked with many of you in planning for this decision. Other agencies have chosen to await Janus’s outcome. Now that the decision is out, however, it’s essential for all public sector employers to finalize a game plan for implementing this new normal.

Stay tuned for the next e-alert about the case, and for an announcement about a Firm webinar on this crucially important topic. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please call your Sloan Sakai advisor. As always, we are here to help.