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Consultant Howard Jordan will join two panel discussions at the California Lawyers Association’s Law Enforcement Practices and Liability Conference next week. Held at the San Diego County Bar Association, these panels will examine race, mental health, and policing.

The first panel will take place at 2:00 PM on Thursday, May 25. The discussion will focus on the role of race on policing, including racial profiling. The panel will discuss the requirements of the Racial Identity Profiling Act and its impacts on policing and policy. The session will cover best practices for avoiding racial bias in policing, including traffic stops, Terry stops, and strategies for deploying police in “high crime” locations. It will be moderated by Megan McClurg, Assistant City Attorney at the Chula Vista City Attorney’s Office, and other panel members include Dr. Brian L. Withrow (Professor at the Texas State University School of Criminal Justice and Criminology), Elizabeth Lashley-Haynes (Deputy Public Defender – Los Angeles County), and Dr. Deepak Premkumar (Research Fellow – Public Policy Institute of California).

Howard’s second panel will be held at 8:30 AM on Friday, May 26. This session will discuss effective training, re-training, and policies for addressing individuals with mental health issues or suffering from altered mental states caused by various substances. The panel will discuss effective crisis intervention strategies to minimize the need for using deadly force in these circumstances, as well as legislative updates. The discussion will include officer mental health and its impacts on effective policing in minimizing the need for deadly force. It will be moderated by Chris Whitman, Deputy City Attorney at the City of San Francisco, and other panel members include Chief Neil Gang (Pinole Police Department), Mark Stadler (Crisis Intervention Team Program Administrator for Ventura County and former Commander in the City of Ventura Police Department), and Missy O’Linn (Partner – Manning, Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, & Trester LLP).

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