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Ian Appleyard is a well-established human resources consultant with 30 years’ public sector experience. He has led and managed high-profile human resources and labor relations services, including investigations, executive recruitment, organizational change management, fact-finding and arbitration proceedings, adverse labor actions, board and administration relations, and risk management.   

Mr. Appleyard has led two Bay Area municipalities as their HR Director. He served the City of Oakland, a full-service City with over 5,000 employees, for over six years. In this role, he oversaw all aspects of the human resources program, including training, organizational development, labor and employee relations, recruitment, classification and compensation, crisis response, and risk management. He also implemented human resources process improvements, which included stakeholder analysis, business process review, policy development, negotiations, and implementation. These efforts improved processes, leveraged appropriate technology, and incorporated race and equity considerations, resulting organizational efficiency, reduced risk exposure, and stronger organizational connections. Previously, Mr. Appleyard served as the Human Resources Director for the City of Emeryville, California, overseeing all aspects of a full-service Human Resources Department. He has led complex labor negotiations, investigations, and political strategies over his career. 


  • A User’s Guide: How to Establish and Sustain Race and Equity Programs in local government 
  • Negotiations Simulation and Strategy: CalPELRA Labor Relations Academy Instructor 
  • The Foundation of Labor Relations: CalPELRA Labor Relations Academy Instructor 
  • The Day After: Bargaining And Factfinding in The Aftermath Of Dramatic Events 
  • Case Study: Seven Day Strike at the City of Oakland 
  • Developed and presented trainings on: Labor Relations, Performance Management, Investigations, Discipline, Grievance Management, Skelly Process and Civil Service/Merit System  
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