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Martha Artiles has led and been engaged in the Diversity and Inclusion arena for over 35 years, in major cities across the country and in both the private and public sectors. Examples of previous service include:

Designing holistic training initiatives that deliver diversity awareness for key organizational stakeholders, such as:

  • All employees
  • Leaders and/or members of employee affinity groups/network groups/business resource groups
  • Diversity Councils/Racial Equity Groups
  • Senior Management/Executive Team

Design and deliver leadership development programming for high potential diverse talent that include, but is not limited to:

  • Leadership principles and values of the organization
  • Strategic networking skills
  • How to be an advocate for your own development
  • Understand and be an advocate for other diverse members within the organization (Allies within an organization)
  • How to reach for an informal mentor
  • Intersectionality – the ways in which our diversity dimensions can overlap with each other and in some cases have privilege or stigma
  • Covering – the process by which individuals downplay their own differences relative to mainstream perceptions, in ways costly to productivity and sense of self at work

Consult with Diversity Councils and/or Senior Management/Executive Teams on best practices in Diversity and Inclusion Strategies that are tied to business/organization goals. Some of these best practices include:

  • Leadership focused Mentoring Programs that broaden bench strength of diverse talent and build skills of both the Mentee and the Mentor
  • On-boarding of new employees, that is inclusive and connects these new employees with tenured employees
  • Engagement of and connection between Affinity/Network Groups and Diversity Councils/Racial Equity Groups for internal cultural assessments
  • Development of externally focused Community Engagement Strategy that explicitly includes diversity in the community-based organizations (CBO’s) that are supported and the strategic involvement of Affinity/Network Groups for leadership development of its members