The firm represents employers in all facets of labor relations. Our approach melds the decades of experience of labor lawyers and non-attorney professionals, all of whom have had leadership positions in labor relations and personnel for public agencies. We are not just advocates; we are also colleagues with and advisors to labor relations and personnel professionals and their in-house attorneys in connection with labor relations, PERB processes, discipline, and grievance/arbitrations.

Our negotiators have wide-ranging experience in impasse resolution procedures, such as mediation, fact-finding and interest arbitration. Throughout negotiations and impasse resolution processes, our multi-disciplinary approach utilizes financial experts, operational experts, and, if necessary, effective public relations strategies to achieve workable settlements.



  • Advice regarding union organizing and campaigns, “card checks,” and bargaining unit disputes
  • Proceedings before PERB and the NLRB
  • Negotiating Labor Peace Agreements
  • Unfair (labor) practice charges
  • Negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Fact-finding
  • Interest arbitrations
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Structural changes in retirement and health plans
  • Responding to work stoppages and strikes, including injunctive relief proceedings.
  • Labor market “comparability” issues.


Concessionary Negotiations:
successfully handling difficult contract negotiations in multiple jurisdictions where the public agency is seeking concessions from unions.

AB 506 Negotiations and Mediation:
working collaboratively with clients, unions, bankruptcy counsel and consultants in navigating AB 506 and Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection.

Pension/OPEB Reform: advising public agencies on the complexities of dealing with unfunded pension and OPEB liabilities, including advising on ballot initiatives.

Fact-Finding: since the passage of AB 646 in 2012, we have handled many complex and difficult fact-finding proceedings.

Pay Policy & Benefits Negotiations: developing strategies for effecting employer-wide changes in health benefits, pay policy and retirement benefits with multiple bargaining units simultaneously, to maintain employer-wide strategic goals while complying with good faith bargaining requirements.

Strikes Against Health Care Agencies: responding to multiple strikes by “essential employees” in the health-care field, including seeking injunctive relief before PERB and the court.

Police Unions Negotiations: addressing public safety emergencies by negotiating agreements with police unions regarding staffing patterns and scheduling.

Negotiating Labor Peace Agreements for Private Employers under various state and local laws