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This past week, Sloan Sakai attended the annual League of California Cities Conference and Expo, where we met with public officials, presented and attended informative breakout sessions, and shared ways our firm can help cities throughout the Golden State.


Providing Information on the Expo Floor at the Sloan Sakai Booth

We provided visitors to our conference booth with information on our firm’s offerings and expertise.

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Management Strategies Group Managing Consultant Bob Deis (left) talks with conference attendees at the Sloan Sakai booth following his breakout session.


Responding to the Cadillac Tax Breakout Session

Sloan Sakai partner Dania Wong spoke with convention guests about the Affordable Care Act’s “Cadillac Tax” and how to prepare for its impact on employee health plans. Thank you to Segal Consulting Senior Vice President Tom Morrison for joining in the presentation.

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Dania Wong (right) and Tom Morrison (left) present their findings in the Long Beach Convention Center Ball Room.


The Beaumont Scandal Breakout Session

The head of our Management Strategies Group Bob Deis joined with Beaumont city officials to discuss the unprecedented corruption scandal that occurred there, how their team managed to handle the crisis without resorting to a bankruptcy filing, and best practices for crisis management in public agencies.

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Bob Deis (left), Beaumont Council Member Lloyd White (center), and Beaumont City Manager Todd Parton (right) answer questions from audience members.


Sloan Sakai Reception

Members of our team, firm clients, and other guests joined for a Sloan Sakai reception to close out the end of another League of California Cities Annual Conference. Thank you to all who attended for the excellent company and conversation!

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Sloan Sakai Partner Charles Sakai (center right) speaks with a guest at the reception.