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What happens when a public employee goes on Facebook and posts a blistering critique of their coworker? What about if that coworker is their supervisor? Or a mayor or councilperson? If you have ever been faced with these challenges before, then this 2020 CALPELRA* conference video session from Sloan Sakai is for you.

Social media is ever present these days, but there are many nuances as to the types of laws with which a public employer must comply to avoid infringing upon their employees’ First Amendment Rights. In this session, you’ll learn from Sloan Sakai partners Genevieve Ng and Steve Shaw about the applicable laws that may create legal issues for an agency as it considers discipline of employees due to social media posts. You’ll also learn how you can navigate such issues if you need to hold employees accountable. See presentation slides here.

To obtain MCLE credit, please complete the evaluation form for this presentation and email it to  Upon receipt we will send you a certificate of attendance for your records.

*The California Public Employers Labor Relations Association is a professional, nonprofit California association established in 1975, comprised of public sector management representatives responsible for carrying out the labor relations / human resource programs for their jurisdictions. CALPELRA helps California public sector employers better serve their communities by providing comprehensive, quality training in labor relations and personnel management and by fostering professional development with a dynamic network of support.