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Revisiting an issue area that they have become experts in, Partners Burke Dunphy and Steve Shaw provide insight on the constantly evolving challenge of workplace drug and alcohol policy and law. In this CALPELRA* session video, you’ll learn about recent developments that will help you navigate the minefields of recreational and medicinal marijuana use, pre- and post-employment drug testing, handling of intoxicated employees, the protection of prescription medication users, and when an employer should initiate the interactive process and offer reasonable accommodation as opposed to turning to discipline for employees under the influence at work. This video covers new case law, legislation, and approaches in these areas, with an emphasis on developments within the last year. See presentation slides here. If you are interested in learning more after viewing the presentation, you can purchase Burke and Steve’s CPER Pocket Guide to Drug and Alcohol Policies in the Public Sector.

To obtain MCLE credit, please complete the evaluation form for this presentation and email it to  Upon receipt we will send you a certificate of attendance for your records.

*The California Public Employers Labor Relations Association is a professional, nonprofit California association established in 1975, comprised of public sector management representatives responsible for carrying out the labor relations / human resource programs for their jurisdictions. CALPELRA helps California public sector employers better serve their communities by providing comprehensive, quality training in labor relations and personnel management and by fostering professional development with a dynamic network of support.