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Managing Consultant Bob Deis does a deep dive on agency culture in this punchy CALPELRA* Sparks Session! There is increasing awareness of and attention to organizational cultures and how those cultures impact an agency’s performance. Bob has real examples of unhealthy cultures and their negative outcomes.

Organizational culture reflects your agency’s norms. While most agencies won’t reach the level of a toxic culture, there typically is room for improvement. The desired culture is well-articulated and managed through reinforcing HR and agency policies and practices. Without a clear and reinforced desired culture, the stronger personalities in your workforce determine your agency’s culture for you, for better or for worse. Learn how to diagnose and improve your agency’s culture from someone who has done so successfully in a number of agencies. See presentation slides here.

*The California Public Employers Labor Relations Association is a professional, nonprofit California association established in 1975, comprised of public sector management representatives responsible for carrying out the labor relations / human resource programs for their jurisdictions. CALPELRA helps California public sector employers better serve their communities by providing comprehensive, quality training in labor relations and personnel management and by fostering professional development with a dynamic network of support.